In collaboration with a consultancy and a private company, the Ear, Nose and Throat Department of North Zealand Hospital developed a new app to make waiting time more pleasant by, for example reducing wait times. In addition to ensuring that patients and relatives are better informed, the app has reduced the time the department spends on pre-consultations by more than 80%.

Previously, when patients had an appointment at the Ear, Nose and Throat Department, they arrived early and waited until they were called. The patients had nothing to do and the staff spent a great deal of time informing the patients about the waiting time and what would happen next.

In 2016 the Ear, Nose and Throat Department, in cooperation with the innovation unit of New Hospital Zealand, the consultancy firm Innoba and the app company Viscom, developed a new waiting app to make waiting times more pleasant. Relying on an intensive innovation process involving patients, relatives and all employee groups at the department, new ideas and solutions were developed. The app helps patients monitor their waiting time, obtain information about continuity of care and better prepare them for their appointments using video and text. Patients no longer have to sit passively because the app means they can move around, go for a walk or buy something to eat without losing their place in the queue. All patients receive the same information. Since its implementation, waiting time at the department has gone down and patient satisfaction has gone up, with patients and relatives receiving far better information than before. The department has reduced the time spent on pre-consultations by more than 80%. On average nurses save 10.5 minutes per patient, allowing them to spend time on other tasks. Jointly with the company Emento, the app has since been refined further and new features added. Six other departments have adopted the app so far.

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