Copenhagen Manual

Copenhagen Manual


17/12/19: Here are the 19 countries who collaborate on the Copenhagen Manual

3/12/19: Kickoff meeting in Copenhagen was a great success


The Copenhagen Manual will be a set of guidelines for making an Innovation Barometer – a national survey on public sector innovation utilizing a common approach. Our ambition is to create a user-oriented guide. We would like to transform the Nordic experiences and results into an easily accessible, action-oriented set of guidelines in English.

How can I contribute?

You can contribute no matter whether you have already done an InnovationBarometer/national survey, are in the early stages of preparing one, or are considering doing one. We also welcome experts in the field and organizations with a portfolio of doing surveys and statistics to the co-creation process.

The work will be organized so that you can contribute and be part of the process without attending physical meetings. You can contribute in a number of ways – via email, video meetings, phone, or by attending physical meetings. We appreciate any contribution, even if you can only spare a few hours to share your questions and comment on drafts.

When will the co-creation take place?

A kick-off-meeting was held in Copenhagen on November 28th 2019. The work on the manual will run from October 1st 2019 to December 31st 2020.

What are the costs for participating in the co-creation process?

There is no participation fee. The joint venture itself makes no financial resources available for the participants. This means that each participant must cover their own travel expenses if they choose to participate in physical meetings. Participants will not be economically compensated for any time spent working on the joint venture.

Expenses for physical meetings (meeting facilities and catering) will be paid in full by organizations who would like to host. Any travel costs need to be covered by the persons or organizations participating.

Who else will contribute?

The exiting users will share their experience and future plans. The nine organisations in the Nordics that have already done barometers have all committed to contribute. National Center for Public Sector Innovation (DK), Statistics Denmark (DK), The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (FI), Icelandic Association of Local Authorities (IS), Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (IS), Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (NO), Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (NO), Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SE), Vinnova (SE).

The involvement of future users is crucial if the guide is to become valuable. So far participants from 19 countries + OECD and the European Commission have signed up to share their questions and considerations and help co-create the Copenhagen Manual. More countries can follow.

How do I sign up?

Contact Ole Bech Lykkebo, Head of Analysis, at the Danish National Centre for Public Sector Innovation, [email protected] / +45 61 81 31 02.

Invitation: See the invitation here (pdf) >